General Terms and Conditions

  • Anahem doo Beograd, as a legal entity, assumes legal responsibility for dealing with client information obtained or generated during laboratory activities.
  • Anahem undertakes that all information about the client and / or the subject of the test, which was obtained during the performance of the laboratory activities, as well as the information obtained from the user, will be considered as the property of the client and treated as confidential.
  • If required by law or approved under contractual arrangements, some confidential information may be disclosed (unless prohibited by law).
  • The ANAHEM Laboratory is responsible for carrying out the sampling and testing activities in accordance with the requirements of SRPS ISO / IEC 17025: 2017, as well as meeting the needs of the users of the laboratory services, regulatory bodies and requirements set by the Serbian Accreditation Body.

The service user agrees with the above requirements, which is confirmed by accepting the offer or submitting samples to the Anahem doo Belgrade laboratory.

General Terms and Conditions apply from 15.07.2019.